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Pacific Capital Advisor’s specialist advisory team understands building your nest egg and protecting it requires time, attention and patience.  This results in a highly effective and tailored service for every client, totally focused on providing the best strategic, business sales, mergers and acquisitions opportunities. Representing clients in prime brokerage and clearance services to hedge funds, group trading, money managers, and qualified high net-worth investors globally. In addition, we provide specialized support services to registered investment advisors, and institutions since 1995. Your business deserves quality trustee and administrative services. Our tenured and skilled M&A team can help you build exceptional client-centric solutions with timeliness and efficiency. Our team of professionals has decades of intrinsic knowledge of what is essential for a successful M&A transaction.
Independent, Client-Focused Asset Management
Pacific Capital Advisor’s philosophy is based on a disciplined, long-term approach to building tax-efficient wealth for its high net worth individuals and families. 
Wealth Management
PCA accomplishes this by designing tailored, “all-weather” portfolios crafted for each client’s specific investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We are focused on delivering the highest level of service and following proven investment principles to preserve and enhance the value of your assets.
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At the core of Pacific Capital Advisors is a dedication to providing our clients and their consultants with the type of superior service they expect.
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Learn more about key financial and investment insights to help you achieve your goals.
We offer solutions to fit your financial needs and provide an upfront overview of costs.
Learn the pros and cons of a rollover and how an IRA could help you achieve your retirement goals. 
Recent PCA research shows that an advisor who provides professional financial planning, coaching, and portfolio management services can add meaningful value compared to the average investor experience.*
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