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About Pacific Capital Advisors
For over 20 years, Pacific Capital Advisors has provided clients with focused, personalized investment advisory services.
Facts & Figures
% employee owned since inception
Billion Under Management
Founded in 1996, Pacific Capital Advisors are a New York-based registered investment advisor.  Pacific Capital began by managing portfolios focused on large capitalization domestic and international equities.  In 2003, Pacific Capital began managing MLPs/Midstream Companies as a separate investment strategy.  Today Pacific Capital manages multiple equity strategies in those three areas.  Our clients include institutions, financial intermediaries, wealth advisors, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Pacific Capital also is the co-advisor for the Pacific Capital MLP Strategy Fund.  Pacific Capital manages taxable and non-taxable fixed income portfolios with intermediate duration.  Pacific Capital is independent and 100% owned by its founders and key employees.
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